JustSing at the Peak Galleria

JustSing at the Peak – Again! 摘聲再次於山頂廣場獻唱!

JustSing will perform again in the Peak this July and August! Our summer series will begin right after our return from Beijing and Shanghai every Sunday from 3-5pm, from 10 July until 28 August, at The Peak Galleria.

Come and celebrate summer with a cappella music!

HKU Centenary Celebration Concert Tour

JustSing members go on tour with sister group Mosaic! 摘聲成員將與Mosaic作巡迴演出!

Members of JustSing is preparing for a very meaningful event – the Centenary Celebration Concert Tour of The University of Hong Kong! JustSing is glad to join hands with sister group Mosaic to serve our alma mater, and is indeed honoured to be invited to host the concert! Renowned collegiate a cappella group Harvard Krokodiloes Read more about <!–:en–>JustSing members go on tour with sister group Mosaic! <!–:–><!–:zh–>摘聲成員將與Mosaic作巡迴演出!<!–:–>[…]

Easter Trio at the Peak復活節樂在山頂

JustSing performed a trio show on the Peak over the Easter weekend from 23-25 Apr 2011. Here’s a little recap of our Easter trio!

Performing on the Peak gave us this special opportunity to reach kids and tourists. We’re more than happy to see children dancing to our Disney favourite “Under the Sea”. We danced to the audience too in our “Dance Megamix”, which includes Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, Poker Face, Korean pop Nobody, and more. As we sang ” Because He Lives”, we remembered how Jesus died on the cross for our sins and resurrected. It is worth to note that JustSing sang in public for the first time “The Phantom of the Opera”. Our arranger hopes to widen our a cappella numbers to include classics from the musical scene.4月23-25日正值復活節假期,摘聲一連三日在山頂獻唱了長達一小時的曲目。在山頂演出的特別之處,是可以接觸很多遊客和小朋友。小朋友們還走上前為廸士尼主題曲Under the Sea伴舞呢! 摘聲亦準備了節拍強勁的舞曲Dance Megamix,內容包括Lady Gaga的Bad Romance、Poker Face,Wonder Girls 的 Nobody等等。

摘聲在唱出Because He Lives的同時,亦希望宣揚復活節的意義,紀念主耶穌為我們釘十架受難,繼而復活。我們亦作出了新嘗試,將音樂劇經典The Phantom of the Opera編成a cappella,首次於山頂獻唱。

Getting YOU ready for a show!摘聲助你閃耀舞台!

JustSing held a series of training sessions for a group of 12 enthusiastic colleagues from Kum Shing Group, one of the leading engineering firms in Hong Kong in May. None of them have any a cappella experience before, so they were a bit worried in the beginning. However, after the training, they have made their “debut” show!摘聲五月份為在本地工程界享負盛名的金城營造集團其中12位同事,進行了一系列無伴奏合唱訓練。據知他們之前都沒有無伴奏合唱經驗,所以開始的時候他們都有點擔心。但經過幾次訓練之後,他們都成功創造了他們的「第一次」!

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