12 January, 2012

About Us

Justsing Christmas 2009

JustSing is an a cappella (singing without instrument) group based in Hong Kong. Since 2006, we have been performing both locally and internationally in concerts, competitions, corporate and charity events as founding members of collegiate a cappella group Mosaic.

Holding on to our passion in a cappella, the graduate members of Mosaic founded the new group JustSing to bring audience with our lively music. JustSing’s repertoire span across different genre and culture, ranging from canto-pop to Disney musical to traditional folksong.

The English and Chinese name of JustSing (摘聲) has a double meaning:

  • The Chinese name 摘聲 reflect one of our aim:  catching beautiful melody and sharing with the audience in its most natural form – our human voice.
  • The English name JustSing is our group’s motto: Just sing it!
JustSing at Taiwan 2008

Members of Justsing at Taiwan International A cappella Festival 2008

JustSing Members

  • Soprano: Janny, Michele
  • Mezzo-Soprano: Saman
  • Alto: Janet, Chi, JY
  • Tenor: Dixon, Eric
  • Baritone: David, Horace
  • Bass: Victor
  • Vocal Percussion: Teoh, Henry
  • Sound Engineer: Gladys

Justsing Christmas 2009

「摘聲」(JustSing)是以全人聲清唱會友的歌唱組合,寓意摘下美妙的聲音,以純人聲獻給觀眾。「摘聲」成員相識於大學時期,在馮國東先生的啟蒙下,自2006年起積極鑽研無伴奏合唱(a cappella),其後創立了香港大學無伴奏合唱組合Mosaic。「摘聲」成員擁有豐富籌備演出的經驗,並曾赴兩岸四地,參與國際無伴奏合唱賽事,接受電視專訪,及在各類慈善或商業活動中獻唱。



JustSing at Taiwan 2008



  • 女高音: Janny, Michele
  • 女中音: Saman
  • 女低音: Janet, Chi, JY
  • 男高音: Dixon, Eric
  • 男中音: David, Horace
  • 男低音: Victor
  • 人聲敲擊: Teoh, Henry
  • 音控師: Gladys

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