KELY Charity Concert 2012

Opening Guest at KELY Charity Concert “The Power of Youth – A Celebration of Classical Music”「青年的力量.交響曲的喜悅」啟勵慈善音樂會開幕嘉賓

JustSing is proud to be the opening guest performer for KELY Charity Concert 2012 ” The Power of Youth – A Celebration of Classical Music” at Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall on 3 Dec 2012 (Monday).摘聲十分榮幸獲邀於「青年的力量.交響曲的喜悅」啟勵慈善音樂會2012擔任開幕嘉賓。是次音樂會會於2012年12月3日(星期一)假香港文化中心音樂廳舉行。

Joint University Business Dinner 2012

A cappella performance at “Joint University Business Dinner 2012”摘聲於「大專聯校商業晚宴2012」表演無伴奏合唱

After taking a short summer break for the past 2 months, JustSing is back to say hi to our friends!
JustSing is honoured to be invited as the guest performer in the Joint University Business Dinner 2012, which will be held next Monday (8/10/2012) at Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel. 摘聲一眾成員經過兩個月的暑假後,下週將會再一次跟大家見面!

20120729 青衣城 麥兜噹噹伴我心 | Maritime Square McDull - The Pork of Music

JustSing performed at the “MuDull – The Pork of Music” Singing Competition摘聲為《麥兜‧噹噹伴我心》歌唱大賽做表演嘉賓

JustSing was invited to be the guest performer for the “MuDull – The Pork of Music” Singing Competition yesterday at Maritime Square, Tsing Yi.
In order to fit this unique event’s theme, JustSing specially arranged an a cappella version of the theme song《仲有最靚嘅豬腩肉》(“Still Got Nice Pork Belly”), which was from McDull’s first big-screen movie.摘聲昨日(7月29日)於青衣城為《麥兜‧噹噹伴我心》宣傳活動《麥兜乖乖唱通街電影歌曲歌唱大賽》做表演嘉賓。摘聲為了這次演出,特別將第一套麥兜電影的廣告歌《仲有最靚嘅豬腩肉》改編成無伴奏合唱,為現場觀眾帶來不少歡樂。

麥兜噹噹伴我心 | McDull - The Pork of Music

JustSing performing a cappella at the “MuDull – The Pork of Music” Singing Competition摘聲今個禮拜日會於青衣城為《麥兜乖乖唱通街電影歌曲歌唱大賽》做表演嘉賓

JustSing is proud to be the guest performer for the “MuDull – The Pork of Music” Singing Competition this Sunday (29/7) at Maritime Square, Tsing Yi. Come and support JustSing and a bunch of adorable kids! =)摘聲今個星期日(7月29日)會於青衣城為《麥兜‧噹噹伴我心》宣傳活動《麥兜乖乖唱通街電影歌曲歌唱大賽》做表演嘉賓。希望各位朋友來支持我們,亦支持一班可愛的小朋友啦!=)

新世界 NWD UNITI Workshop

JustSing teaches a cappella in the New World Development UNITI Workshop摘聲於新世界集團UNITI工作坊教導無伴奏合唱

JustSing was invited to host an a cappella workshop in the New World Development UNITI Workshop on 16 May. The event aimed to showcase NWD’s brand new core values “UNITI” and strengthen its corporate culture. Over a hundred staff members participated in the “UNITI Workshop” and attended a variety of creative classes such as oil painting, multimedia production, percussion and of course, a cappella.摘聲於5月16日獲邀於新世界發展的「UNITI工作坊」舉行無伴奏合唱工作坊。此工作坊希望透過多個創意攤位,展示新世界集團的全新核心價值「UNITI」,並提升企業文化。工作坊一共吸引超過一百位來自新世界集團不同公司的員工參與,透過多個創意攤位學習油畫、多媒體創作、敲擊樂及無伴奏合唱等不同藝術形式。


JustSing have a date with the elderly摘聲再次為老友記表演

JustSing will be performing in the  Opening Ceremony of HKAPA’s “I have a date with you” activity series this Saturday (24/9/2011) at around 2pm.  We will be bringing some classic tunes to the elderly using a cappella.摘聲今個星期六(24/9/2011)下午二時將會於香港演藝學院舉辦的「老友記與你」開幕典禮中演出,以無伴奏合唱的方式為一眾公公婆婆帶來一些耳熟能詳的歌曲。摘聲亦非常榮幸可與香港戲劇協會會長鍾景輝博士, 著名粵劇女演員蓋鳴暉女士, 以及亞視新星李志豪同台演出。

JustSing at the Peak Galleria

JustSing at the Peak – Again! 摘聲再次於山頂廣場獻唱!

JustSing will perform again in the Peak this July and August! Our summer series will begin right after our return from Beijing and Shanghai every Sunday from 3-5pm, from 10 July until 28 August, at The Peak Galleria.

Come and celebrate summer with a cappella music!

HKU Centenary Celebration Concert Tour

JustSing members go on tour with sister group Mosaic! 摘聲成員將與Mosaic作巡迴演出!

Members of JustSing is preparing for a very meaningful event – the Centenary Celebration Concert Tour of The University of Hong Kong! JustSing is glad to join hands with sister group Mosaic to serve our alma mater, and is indeed honoured to be invited to host the concert! Renowned collegiate a cappella group Harvard Krokodiloes Read more about <!–:en–>JustSing members go on tour with sister group Mosaic! <!–:–><!–:zh–>摘聲成員將與Mosaic作巡迴演出!<!–:–>[…]

JustSing performing again this weekend!超級明日巨星大獎賽之 A cappella 無伴奏合唱表演賽

Dear friends, did you enjoy our performance at Peak Galleria during the past Easter weekend? If you missed our 3 days performance, don’t worry, we will be performing again this coming Sunday at Pacifica Mall with 9 other groups.摘聲上個復活節週末於山頂廣場一連三日表演了十幾首歌,唔知大家覺得點呢? 如果你錯過了上次精采的表演,唔緊要,摘聲今個週末又出動啦!不過呢,今次摘聲將與9個不同的無伴奏合唱小組一齊表演,同時互相切磋一下。

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