JustSing and Mosaic singing with The Voice for TWGHs

JustSing and Mosaic singing with “The Voice” for TWGHs摘聲、Mosaic與超級巨聲攜手唱好《歡樂滿東華》

After our successful collaboration in the HKU Centenary Concert, JustSing is joining hands again with Mosaic in a shooting with Hubert Wu and Sheldon Lo, the Winners of “The Voice 2”, for a promotional clip for the Tung Wah Charity Gala 2011.自今年年中港大百週年校慶巡回音樂會之後,摘聲與Mosaic再度攜手合作,夥拍《超級巨聲2》得獎者胡鴻鈞及羅孝勇一起為2011年的《歡樂滿東華》拍攝宣傳片。

Mosaic will be joining HKFYG’s “Time to Shine” ProgramMosaic 將會參加青協所舉辦的「讓我閃耀」計劃

In the pursue of better a cappella technique and skill, our sister group Mosaic will be joining the “Time to Shine” program organized by Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group Hong Kong Melody Makers.

Mosaic will join 5 other teams in this 4-week makeover program to improve their singing, staging and recording, etc.為追求更高的無伴奏合唱技巧,我們的姊妹團Mosaic將參加香港青協Melody Makers所舉辦的「讓我閃耀」計劃。


HKU Centenary Celebration Concert Tour

JustSing members go on tour with sister group Mosaic! 摘聲成員將與Mosaic作巡迴演出!

Members of JustSing is preparing for a very meaningful event – the Centenary Celebration Concert Tour of The University of Hong Kong! JustSing is glad to join hands with sister group Mosaic to serve our alma mater, and is indeed honoured to be invited to host the concert! Renowned collegiate a cappella group Harvard Krokodiloes Read more about <!–:en–>JustSing members go on tour with sister group Mosaic! <!–:–><!–:zh–>摘聲成員將與Mosaic作巡迴演出!<!–:–>[…]

JustSing Spring 2011

JustSing is starting its Spring season!摘聲即將展開我們今年的表演!

Happy Year of the Rabbit! We will start our Spring season in February. Stay tuned for show reviews and footages!
Members of JustSing will also take part in sister group Mosaic’s Annual Concert “感歎號”.摘聲祝大家兔年身體健康,步步高”聲”!摘聲將於二月展開我們今年的表演,大家要密切留意啦!
摘聲的成員亦會於我們姊妹團 Mosaic 的週年演唱會 “感歎號”中演出。

Mosaic with Jonathan Wong

Mosaic with Jonathan WongMosaic X 王梓軒

上周二(9/11/2010),Mosaic 有幸與香港新晉創作歌手王梓軒(Jonathan Wong)同台演出,以無伴奏合唱出他的新派台歌<心足>。 演唱完畢後,Jonathan亦以短講介紹及分析現今社會的流行文化。上周二(9/11/2010),Mosaic 有幸與香港新晉創作歌手王梓軒(Jonathan Wong)同台演出,以無伴奏合唱出他的新派台歌<心足>。 演唱完畢後,Jonathan亦以短講介紹及分析現今社會的流行文化。

4th Annual Concert by Contemporary A cappella Society of Hong Kong

4th Annual Concert by Contemporary A cappella Society of Hong Kong第四屆香港當代無伴奏合唱協會音樂會

Justsing will be debuting our new group in the 4th CASHK annual concert. Come support us and many other groups from both local and oversea!摘聲將於第四屆香港當代無伴奏合唱協會音樂會以全新面目同觀眾見面。記得來支持我們啊~

「精彩赤柱」赤柱國際捧餐大賽2010 Splendid Stanley - International Waiter Race 2010

Splendid Stanley – International Waiter Race 2010「精彩赤柱」赤柱國際捧餐大賽2010

Justsing and Mosaic will join hands to perform in the “International Waiter Race 2010” this Sunday 14/11/2010 at Stanley from 2:30-3:30pm. Let’s go to stanley for an afternoon of delightful a cappella music, good food and free gifts!摘聲與Mosaic將於今個星期日 (14/11/2010)聯手於赤柱大街為「精彩赤柱」赤柱國際捧餐大賽2010表演無伴奏音樂。歡迎各路好友一齊來到赤柱享受一個充滿音樂、美食及歡樂的週日下午!

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