JustSing have a date with the elderly摘聲再次為老友記表演


JustSing will be performing in the  Opening Ceremony of HKAPA’s “I have a date with you” activity series this Saturday (24/9/2011) at around 2pm.  We will be bringing some classic tunes to the elderly using a cappella.

“I have a date with you” is an art exhibition and workshop series organized by Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and sponsored by Tsuen Wan PANDA Place.  This event aims to showcase the art work by the elderly and promote communication between elderly and youth.

Serving the community with our singing is one of the motto of JustSing.  Last year we were fortunate to be invited by Zonta Club of Hong Kong and Helping Hand to perform for the elderly, and this time we are delighted to share another happy afternoon with the elderly with our singing.  And of course, we sincerely invite all our friends to join this meaningful event!

“I have a date with you” Activity details:

Date Time Venue Event Details
24/9 2-3pm Basement 3/F HKAPA “I have a date with you” – Opening Ceremony By using Art and Drama performance, it aims to promote communication between elderly and youth, to show appreciation for the contribution by the elderly and to send out the message of respecting the elderly
24-25/9 10am-10pm Basement 3/F HKAPA “I have a date with you” – Art Exhibition Exhibit various art pieces by the elderly and youth
24-25/9 24/9: 4-7pm

25/9: 1-6pm

Basement 3/F HKAPA “I have a date with you” – Workshop Workshop by HKAPA student on making beautiful and practical paper fan

More information: Panda Place香港演藝學院-老友記與你

摘聲今個星期六(24/9/2011)下午二時將會於香港演藝學院舉辦的「老友記與你」開幕典禮中演出,以無伴奏合唱的方式為一眾公公婆婆帶來一些耳熟能詳的歌曲。摘聲亦非常榮幸可與香港戲劇協會會長鍾景輝博士, 著名粵劇女演員蓋鳴暉女士, 以及亞視新星李志豪同台演出。


摘聲當初成立的其中一個宗旨是希望以歌聲服務大眾,為公益出一分力。去年摘聲獲邀為香港崇德社伸手助人協會的老友記表演,今次希望再次以無伴奏合唱與各位老友記 共渡一個愉快的下午。當然,我們亦誠邀各路好友一同參與這個有意義的活動!


日 期 時 間 地 點 活動名稱 特 色
9月24日 下午2時至3時 地庫3樓 香港演藝學院
老友記與你 — 開幕典禮
“老吾老以及人之老” — 透過藝術及話劇表演,鼓勵年青人多與長者溝通,了解長者對社會的貢獻,及帶出尊重長者的訊息。
9月24日至9月25日 上午10時至
晚上10 時
地庫3樓 香港演藝學院
老友記與你 — 藝術品展覽
9月24日至9月25日 9月24日:
晚上6 時
地庫3樓 香港演藝學院
老友記與你 — 工作坊


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