JustSing performing again this weekend!超級明日巨星大獎賽之 A cappella 無伴奏合唱表演賽

超級明日巨星大獎賽之 A cappella 無伴奏合唱表演賽

Dear friends, did you enjoy our performance at Peak Galleria during the past Easter weekend? If you missed our 3 days performance, don’t worry, we will be performing again this coming Sunday at Pacifica Mall with 9 other groups.

Date: 1 May 2011 (Sunday)
Time: 2:30-3:30 pm
Venue: Pacifica Mall (Lai Chi Kok MTR Station D3 or D4 Exit)
Event: A Cappella Competition

Map of Pacifica Mall (Click to Enlarge)

超級明日巨星大獎賽之 A cappella 無伴奏合唱表演賽

摘聲上個復活節週末於山頂廣場一連三日表演了十幾首歌,唔知大家覺得點呢? 如果你錯過了上次精采的表演,唔緊要,摘聲今個週末又出動啦!不過呢,今次摘聲將與9個不同的無伴奏合唱小組一齊表演,同時互相切磋一下。




活動: A Cappella無伴奏合唱表演賽

宇晴匯地圖 (點圖放大)

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