JustSing performed at the “MuDull – The Pork of Music” Singing Competition摘聲為《麥兜‧噹噹伴我心》歌唱大賽做表演嘉賓

JustSing was invited to be the guest performer for the “MuDull – The Pork of Music” Singing Competition yesterday at Maritime Square, Tsing Yi.

20120729 青衣城 麥兜噹噹伴我心 | Maritime Square McDull - The Pork of Music

Guest Performance for

In order to fit this unique event’s theme, JustSing specially arranged an a cappella version of the theme song《仲有最靚嘅豬腩肉》(“Still Got Nice Pork Belly”), which was from McDull’s first big-screen movie.

In addition to the song, JustSing also performed 3 other lively songs: “Top of the World”, “Shalala” and Andy Lau’s “中國人” . We have hand-picked Andy Lau’s song for this show because he has an important role in the “MuDull – The Pork of Music” movie. Want to know what it is? Let’s watch it when the movie premiere in HK theater on 16 Aug 2012.


MuDull - The Pork of Music


20120729 青衣城 麥兜噹噹伴我心 | Maritime Square McDull - The Pork of Music



除此之外,摘聲亦帶來了三首經典歌曲《Top of the World》、《Shalala》及《中國人》。其中,劉德華的《中國人》是我們特別為配合《麥兜‧噹噹伴我心》的內容而揀選的。兩者有甚麼關系?為免劇透,大家還是等8月16日入戲院睇啦~



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