Joint University Business Dinner 2012

A cappella performance at “Joint University Business Dinner 2012”摘聲於「大專聯校商業晚宴2012」表演無伴奏合唱

After taking a short summer break for the past 2 months, JustSing is back to say hi to our friends!
JustSing is honoured to be invited as the guest performer in the Joint University Business Dinner 2012, which will be held next Monday (8/10/2012) at Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel. 摘聲一眾成員經過兩個月的暑假後,下週將會再一次跟大家見面!


JustSing have a date with the elderly摘聲再次為老友記表演

JustSing will be performing in the  Opening Ceremony of HKAPA’s “I have a date with you” activity series this Saturday (24/9/2011) at around 2pm.  We will be bringing some classic tunes to the elderly using a cappella.摘聲今個星期六(24/9/2011)下午二時將會於香港演藝學院舉辦的「老友記與你」開幕典禮中演出,以無伴奏合唱的方式為一眾公公婆婆帶來一些耳熟能詳的歌曲。摘聲亦非常榮幸可與香港戲劇協會會長鍾景輝博士, 著名粵劇女演員蓋鳴暉女士, 以及亞視新星李志豪同台演出。

Performance at KELY’s Annual General Meeting啟勵扶青會之週年大會

JustSing was invited to performed at KELY Support Group’s Annual General Meeting on 24 Feb, and was warmly received by the audience! We did our own a cappella arrangements of Joey Yung’s and The Carpenters’ in the evening.
摘聲於2月24日獲邀於啟勵扶青會之週年大會中演出。我們獻唱了自行編曲之作品,包括容祖兒的及 The Carpenters的,聽眾都十分享受當晚的演出。

Helping Hand 伸手助人協會

Helping Hand 20th Anniversary伸手助人協會二十週年晚宴

We are very honored to be invited by Helping Hand to performing at their 20th Anniversary Dinner on 20/11 at Metro City Maxims Restaurant. We will be performing several Chinese Classics to over 700 elderly and volunteers.我們非常榮幸得到伸手助人協會的邀請,出席他們11月20日假新都城美心大酒樓的二十週年晚宴,為七百多位長者及義工獻上一段特備節目。

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